Sunday, 17 December 2017

Peoples Palace Glasgow.

The People’s Palace is set in historic Glasgow Green. It is home to a collection of objects, photographs, prints and film which give a unique view into how Glaswegians lived, worked and played in years gone by to the present day. Opened on the 22nd January 1898 by the Earl of Roseberry it is home to a unique museum that is dedicated to the social and political life of the great Scottish city
Side view including the Winter Garden.

Constructed in red sandstone and French Renaissance in design it was built by Glasgow architect A. B. MacDonald.

Winter time in the Palace grounds. 

Barras Market.
The Steamie.

Various Political Banners.

Keir Hardy.

Thatcher Teapot. 

The rear of the building comprises a huge glasshouse construction known as the Winter Garden that includes a grand display of exotic palms and plants where you will also find a rather nice seating area where you can enjoy something to eat and a cup of coffee.

Exotic Plants and Palms in the Winter Garden.

Large Seating Area.

Coffee Shop and Restaurant. 

A bust of the late great Alex Harvey.

In 2005 the Doulton Fountain was extensively refurbished and relocated to its present position in front of the museum. At 46 feet high and 70 feet across at its base, it is the largest terracotta fountain in the world. It was originally gifted to the city in 1888 after the International Exhibition of Science, Art and Industry by Sir Henry Doulton to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, and is decorated with a figure of the Queen and groups from Canada, Australia, India and South Africa representing Britain's Empire.[1]

The Doulton Fountain.

Queen Victoria with a pidgin on her crown. 

Templeton on the Green.

Carpet Factory. 
The building opposite the palace was designed and built as a carpet factory for James Templeton and Sons. Completed in 1892 for the manufacture of Axminster Carpet. In 1984 bit was converted in to the Templeton Business Centre. Its current use includes office space, apartments’ and the West Brewery, bar and restaurant.

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